Perspective Of Sociological Perspective

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Sociology is the objective study of society and human behavior and is one of the five major social studies, such as Anthropology, Psychology, and Economics. Sociology was first theorized by French philosopher, Auguste Comte, who believed “Sociology was the final social study that integrated all findings and information into a cohesive whole”***. Today, Sociology consists of demographic variables such as, race and ethnicity, social class, and gender. As Sociology began to gather a following and materialize into our understanding of it today, it must contain a neutral and unique outlook on society. This is known as the Sociological Perspective, which consist of three different perspectives, levels, and focuses. According to functionalism, all things must contribute to society to promote solidarity and stability**. This perspective looks at society on a macro-level. Unlike symbolic interactionism, functionalism focuses on the analysis of social systems and attempts to explain large-scale relationships. On the other side of the scale, micro-level theories cover specific engagements within small groups. Functionalism was first explored through the works of English philosopher and biologist Herbert Spencer. He often compared the human body to that of a human society. Each organ must work together in order to regulate each system of the body. Spencer referred to many systems such as government, the economy, media, education, and religious institutions (Maryanski and Turner 1992).
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