Perspective of Aging Paper

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Perspective of Aging Paper

Jerusha Palmer
UOP- Dimensions of Health and the Older Adult-HCS 433
Angela McWilliams
November 26, 2012

Perspective of Aging Paper Aging, the process of developing or growing old; the progression of changes in appearance (American Heritage Dictionary, 2007). The role of the media is to educate and inform as well as other masses; the senior population suffers greatly from negative stereotyping than any other age group. Some media outlets portray aging in a stereotypical way relating old age to death or disease. This essay reflects on how older Americans are portrayed through the different media outlets. Television shows and commercial advertisements, news and magazines are three types
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The media has the power that will allow people to have a preconceived notion to an audience as truth; the media can decide what way of life is acceptable and what is not. Media plays a critical part in shaping and reflecting public opinion. There has been a widespread of negative attitudes about aging in print in such magazines as Time or Newsweek that displays photographs of seniors looking disoriented as if they were lost; given the impression they cannot care for themselves based on the articles content. In closing, The overall impressions that the media offers about the older adult is by emphasizing the vulnerabilities of seniors in such a manner that gives the impression that being old is the thing that we as humans most want to avoid, so beauty creams that are offered that can remove wrinkles, telephones that are made with large face buttons, hearing aids that are sold with the message that you don 't know what you 're missing are just selling points. Many forms of plastic surgery are supposed to be the remedy for staying beautiful and looking young; Just about anything associated with getting older is portrayed as something people don 't want to happen. The unfortunate downside of this barrage of negative messaging about becoming older is that it reinforces the thought that being older is being unwanted and no longer valuable

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