Perspective of Education According to Great Minds

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“Manners to be Observed by Teachers and Students” is a volume of the book The Revival of Religious Learning written by Abū Ḥāmid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazālī, best known as al-Ghazālī. On his argument, al-Ghazālī uses a focal point on eighteen duties that students and teachers should apply to school in order to improve education, ten for the students and eight for the teachers. In this passage, al-Ghazālī does not appear to use any logical nor scientific proof or evidence to support his argument, but his ethos (persuasion through the audience’s perception of the speaker). I agree with almost all of al-Ghazālī’s beliefs, but there are also some hypotheses that he states that a considerable part of the people will be against or just take them as ambiguous, all of this for the matter that he does not use other concrete facts to strongly support his point of view than his persuasion. With this, the passage opens a door for readers to look at situations build upon their own perspective; unfortunately, the real connotation of its ideals can vary or being altered depending on the reader personal experiences. Considering al-Ghazālī’s beliefs, I believe it is easier to reach a better understanding of these passages by comparing them to other writers. In this case, when al-Ghazālī mentions: “The seventh duty of a student is that he should not take up a new branch of learning till he has learnt fully the previous branch of learning, because it is requisite for the acquisition of
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