Essay about Perspective of Mary Anne Warren on Keeping Abortion Legal

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Perspective of Mary Anne Warren on Keeping Abortion Legal Works Cited Missing Mary Anne Warren is one of the top advocates for keeping abortion legal without any restrictions on it. She states that the morality of abortion is dependent on the moral status of the baby, not simply on the rights of the mother. She criticizes those who defend abortion as the right to control one's body: "it is at best a rather feeble argument for the permissibility of abortion. Mere ownership does not give me the right to kill innocent people whom I find on my property…" (The Monist, pg. 44) Using this analogy she shows that just because the fetus is inside us it does mean we have a right to terminate it. She starts off her argument by defining…show more content…
(The Monist, pg. 55) Now, it's not necessary to have every one of these five characteristics, but one and two are an absolute must and possibly even three. If we hold these standards up to the fetus, we see that it has not even one characteristic, thereby leaving it ok to say that it is not part of the moral community and therefore has no moral status, and no right to life. So, no matter what stage the fetus is in, be it the first trimester or the last, there is absolutely nothing wrong with aborting it. However, if we hold these standards up to several other things we can see that, according to Warren, they too have no moral status or no right to life. For example, there is the person in a persistent vegetative state, which Warren even gives an example of to prove that not all human beings are people: "A man or woman whose consciousness has been permanently obliterated but who retains alive is a human being which is no longer a person, defective human beings, with no appreciable mental capacity, are not and presumably never will be people." (The Monist, pg. 56) They cannot be considered to have any of the characteristics of people. There are also animals. The majority of them can only fit into
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