Perspectives In Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Edward Sccissorhands

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Tim Burton
Society as a whole today believes that people who look a certain way should act a certain way. Tim Burton doesn’t agree with this, because in his movies he illustrates that not everyone acts the part that everyone else thinks they should. In the films Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and Alice and Wonderland. Tim Burton uses appearance, lighting, framing, and camera angles to show that monsters don’t always look monstrous. Tim Burton tends to use the appearance of something to give the audience a false visual of the characters personality. For example, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when the character named Veruca was first introduced, to the audience Tim Burton wanted them to think that by first glance she was a sweet and innocent little girl. But, when she starts talking about how she wants a golden ticket, you realize that even though she looks sweet and innocent, she is just a spoiled brat that gets everything she wants right when she asks for it. Another example of when Burton uses appearance would be in the movie Edward Scissorhands, with Kim's boyfriend Jim. Tim Burton wants the audience to perceive Jim as the typical dumb jock that doesn’t know the difference between left and right. But, his true colors are shown when he tried to make Edward do his dirty work. When it got tough he made a break for it leaving Edward to take all the consequences. Also, when he would constantly pick on Edward for being different,
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