Perspectives Magazine: Moving Tribute To Grandmother

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The text I found the most interesting in the Perspectives Magazine, was the “Moving tribute to grandmothers”. This is because I personally have a very close bond with my own grandmother. She is my best friend, and has had a big impact on me throughout my life.
One thing she practically has worked hard for, is keeping the family together. My brother and I, had not had as much contact with our cousins, if we hadn’t had our grandmother. She invites our two families to Sunday dinners, and brings her grandkids to the cinema or theater. Every seventeenth of May, our family stops by her apartment to eat her traditional cake and mixed eggs with sugar. She has brought me to many trips to the mountains, and taught me table manners and to be polite. Even though I don’t see her that much, I appreciate what she has done for me and the
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We can afford buying other countries’ products, and live of what other people have invented and made. I feel like Norway is a bit of a “copycat”. We take everything we like, because we can. We have traditions of our own that are well kept, but we have stolen a few too. Like for example Halloween and Santa Claus. These are also American traditions .
The Norwegian language has taken a lot of English words and abbreviations like “CD” and “TV ”. “Kebab-norsk” is a language that’s developed by our new Norwegian immigrants. Or maybe it’s more like a “slang” I guess. How you talk, is a big part of the impression people get of you .
In Norway, foods like pizza, sushi, kebab and thai, are very popular. In fact, none of these foods are Norwegian. Most foods that Norwegians eat, are not Norwegian.
As you can tell, nearly absolutely everything you use in your daily life, is something created by another country. The things you stand for, is influenced by the society and the people around you. Culture has a lot of influence as far as it comes to who you are, and who you want to be as a
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