Perspectives Of Ideals And Realities Through Yun

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Perspectives of Ideals and Realities through Yun Through Shen Fu’s Six Records of a Floating Life, Chinese ideals and realities are portrayed through Yun’s mistakes as a wife and daughter-in-law. Yun’s characteristics, marital relationship, and societal expectations are all told through Shen Fu’s perspective. With the aid of other works, Position of Women in Early China, Widows Loyal Unto Death, Confucian Teachings, and The Metal Bound Box, the comparisons of Chinese ideals and the written realities can be brought to light. Specific examples from Shen Fu’s memoir can depict the Chinese societal expectations of women in the Ch’ing Dynasty, ca 1700.
Shen Fu recounted his story of the domestic and romantic events of his life, where Yun, his wife, shapes him the most. The ideal of a wife in the 1700s was to devote herself to her husband and his family, specifically his Mother. The wife was to honor the husband’s family first and think of herself after. In Six Records of a Floating Life, Yun and Shen Fu were immediately attracted to each other. Originally, Yun was described as a respectable woman who follows the confucian ways and this was why she was chosen by Shen Fu’s mother to be his wife. Once married to Shen Fu, Yun demonstrated her devotion as a wife and a filial daughter-in-law. Shen Fu described Yun as a woman who was, “respectful to her elders and amiable to everyone else. Everything she did was orderly and done properly” (Shen Fu 29).
Shen Fu and Yun soon realized…
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