Perspectives On Conflicts And Disputes

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Fatemeh Hosseinpour
Perspectives on Conflicts and Disputes 1 DIS 7A2
Richard Earle
November 26th 2014

I primarily disagree with the observation that rule making and rule following makes a hazardous impediment for people. I concur with the idea that it gives individuals leverage over non-people. This is because the rules make security and request in the general public. Then, if everyone was permitted to do all that he or she needed without any limitations, this would prompt practices, for example, homicide, uproars, assault and taking without any results. The vicinity of rule guarantees that such things do not happen by setting up overwhelming result for people who practice such
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John Stuart likewise has the view that making rules for individuals is basic because the rules help to implement ethical quality among people.
In this scenario, there is a dispute between Alice and her children concerning their mother’s decision to take their father, Mr. Ernest to a mental institution without consulting them first. Lack of communication when taking this action is the main cause of this dispute between both parties. The best process to help resolve this dispute is through an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process known as mediation. This process of ADR requires a neutral third party, known as a mediator who helps both parties reach an agreement. The primary purpose of this mediator is to get the parties to communicate to one another thus foster cooperation by shared exercise. Consequently, Ida, Beatrice and Donald should appoint a third person who will not be biased on either side to help them address their concerns and reach a suitable agreement. In this case, the mediator will try to analyze both cases so as to try and see the similarities between the recommendations of each of the parties. The mediator will later use this information to encourage an agreement that both parties will like. The advantage about mediation is that the decision lies with Alice and her children and not with the mediator. The mediator’s role is to
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