Persuasion Case Study

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Muharrem Salel
Oct 10,2017
ACWR 101.6
1st Essay 1st Draft
In today’s societies every member of society connected with others. They affect each other with their opinions or behaviors. In this environment, people want to have an influence on others with persuading them. Robert Cialdini shows us how important the persuasion in our relationships. Persuasion is inducing someone to do something through reasoning or argument. In his book, Influence: The psychology of persuasion, he indicates that our decision-making depends on shortcuts and fast decisions more than critical thinking with considering all information. He identified these six shortcuts as Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Social Proof and Liking. In the case study,
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One of these strategies is “Liking”. According to Cialdini, We like people who are like ourselves. Whether in similarity, in thought, in the way of life, personal characteristics, or family history, this true validity is preserved. As a result, those who want to persuade us can reach this goal by looking similar to us in a variety of ways, who want to increase our level of acceptance. One of the examples of this is clothing. Research points out that people are tent to help those who dress like them.(Cialdini, 130-131) “Liking” is her first strategy to stop him. By saying she is a student and talking about college tuition she actually tries to seem similar to him. She tries to show herself like him more than a magazine seller. She aims to make him feel they are on the same side and this is a very effective tactic to sell him magazines. Also, she uses another rule of persuasion which is “Social Proof” as her last tactic. This principle tells us that what we are referring to understand what is right is to look at what others believe to be true. For example, the bartender throws some money to the tip jars to show it full before the night begins. So they try to make the impression to customers that giving tip is common for that bar.(Cialdini, 89-90) In the case study, she uses this rule by saying GQ is the bestseller men’s magazine in the country. She uses this as her last tactic because we tend to look at…show more content…
Almost our all communications with others include these tactics but they are hard to detect because they are a natural part of relations. In these relations sometimes we are the side that tries to persuade others and sometimes reverse. Any people can give you a memory any of this two side. As a memory of being persuaded I had a remarkable memory. It was my first day in Istanbul and I was very excited about it. I came to Istanbul with the bus because all planes were full. When I came to the bus station I saw plenty of sellers who were annoyingly insistent. My goal was going to metro station without stopping to talk to them because I knew that I would try hard to sell me something if I stop. Unfortunately, I could not reach my goal and one of these sellers stopped me. He said that he sells original perfumes and his perfumes are export surpluses this is why they are so cheap. He asked my homeland and he said he is from there too which I am very sure that is a lie. Also, he said that he had only three perfumes to sell so it was my last chance to buy one. It was very annoying and I bought one perfume because I want to get rid of him. Or at least I thought that way. After reading Cialdini’s book and his persuasion tactics I realize that the seller used these tactics on me very masterly even though he seems uneducated. Even though I thought that I bought that perfume to get rid of him, I can see now that he convinced
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