Persuasion Is An Act Or Process Of Appealing

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According to McLean (2010), persuasion is an act or process of appealing to reason or presenting arguments to induce your audience to do something or to change their beliefs or values. Motivation, on the other hand, is the force or stimulus to influence your audience to consider your arguments and adopt your position (McLean, 2010). In short, persuasion is the process and motivation is the stimulus to bring about the change. For example, when you want to pitch a sale, persuasion involves presenting good features associated with the products, potential profit, offering good customer service and analysis of current market demand. Motivation, in contrast, involves incentives like commission, profit, flexible payment term and negotiability in…show more content…
Moving on, the users of the principle of commitment and consistency prevails their audiences that they will embrace and honor their word or promises made. If you have rented a room, apartment or house, you inevitably have the experience of signing a lease agreement in which your landlord is asking you to engage in “commitment and consistency” by legally requesting to meet your monthly rent at the beginning of the month. The principle of consensus employs the tendency of people follow the path of herd mentality. This is how sellers on the online retailers like Amazon and find potential customers. If their customer feedback system is flooded with positive testimonials or experiences from their previous customers, their potential customers will perceive their products and/or customer services positively. Lastly, the principle of liking comprises of formulating a way to make your audiences feel safe and good about themselves. We are more likely to communicate and take action if we feel safe. Recently, all the employees in my department were asked to come to work on Saturday for two months. Instead of offering us the overtime payments, the management decided to raise our salaries for two months. We will be better off, of course, with the overtime payments since the management tried to cut the corner with the
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