Persuasion Is The Process, And Motivation

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Persuasive Speech “Persuasion is the process, and motivation is the compelling stimulus that encourages your audience to change their beliefs or behavior, to adopt your position, or to consider your arguments, (McLean, 2012)”. Persuasion is an act or process of presenting arguments to move, motivate, or change your audience,”. This involve observation of available means in a public speaking for persuasion, for remember persuading my husband to buy a car for my 40th birthday even that’s not he wants to do for me. Reading the chapter gave an impression that persuasion can be implicit or explicit which can lead to both having positive and negative effects. Ethics will have to be considered when an addressing an audience and motivating, wanting them, or persuading them to adopt your point view. “Motivation is distinct from persuasion in that it involves the force, stimulus, or influence to bring about change,” (McLean, 2012). Instead of looking at the speech as an avenue to have everyone in the audience agree to what you are saying, view the concept of measurable gain, which involves assessing how the audience responds to the persuasive message. Some members of the audience may be hostile to the some part of message; some may move form hostile to neutral while you may reinforce some existing beliefs in the members of the audience that agree with you. Some change may be small but measurable, and that is considered gain. Below are the six principals of persuasion: 1.
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