Persuasive Against Racial Profiling

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Judging a book by its cover is one of the most common yet worst mistakes a person can make. Racial profiling is judging a person by their skin color, and not only does this lead you to false ideas about that person, but also hurts that person you’re judging. Shoshana Hebshi was judged; she was targeted because of her Arab background and the way she looked. Due to her experience, she is now filing lawsuits against the federal agencies that accused her and working to stop racial profiling. Racial profiling is wrong and in order bring it to an end, Hebshi shouldn’t stop with filing lawsuits against the federal agencies but continue to gain support from similar ideological interest groups as well as congressional support. With support from each part of the Iron Triangle, racial profiling could be put to an end.
Imagine being accused, strip searched, scared, alone and trapped in a filthy prison cell all for nothing. On September 11, 2011 this was Shoshana Hebshi, a woman who was of Arab descent and therefore automatically a target. She and two other men were on a flight to Detroit when they were suspected because of their skin color. Hebshi claims that she was not told of anything nor even why she was being taken. She was “placed in a cell, where she was ordered to strip naked, squat, and cough while an officer looked at her.” Shoshana Hebshi was completely innocent and had done nothing wrong, yet she was being interrogated and treated as if though she were a terrorist. She was

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