Persuasive Against School Uniforms

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Do you think school uniforms will help your child not become bullied? Well, you’re wrong. Studies are showing that school uniforms are beginning to cause bullying instead of preventing it. School uniforms are becoming a bigger and bigger problem in today’s society. They are very expensive, they do not allow students to express themselves, and they are not helpful for students to try and find out who they are. On average parents will pay close to $300 per child every year for school uniforms. Students and parents both have sides to why this trend is bad and why it is good. Some students and parents think that school uniforms help students perform better in school, attain a better attendance record, and fit in easier among their…show more content…
The parents can not afford to spend all the money of the “required” uniform, so they buy a knockoff version of it. This will then make their child stand out again and they can get bullied by classmates and singled out by faculty members. To help this problem uniforms should not be allowed. They are causing more problems than they are solving, by causing bullying instead of preventing it. One of the most commonly stated reason that uniforms should not be allowed in public schools is that it takes away from letting students show their true individuality. Uniforms put all the students in the same box and do not let them show their personality through their clothes. At most schools, clothing is a big indicator of how a person acts or how their personality is. Some people argue that this helps stop gang violence at a school or makes everyone feel equal. Although these may be true, uniforms still do not let kids be themselves. The main thing wrong with today’s society is that teens have been put in boxes for a very long time so they do not know how to be themselves and think for themselves. Uniforms help this because they make everyone alike and do not give kids a chance of being themselves. Without uniforms, students will be able to show their personalities through clothes and it will make them feel more comfortable and more likely to step out of the box that they have been put in. Hopefully, you
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