Persuasive Animal Testing Essay

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Imagine, you are in an animal lab and there are scientists all around you. Now these people are not your friends. They put you in cages where you stay. Now they have shots that they give you every day. You never know what is going to happen to you next. You could throw up, get a disease, a horrible rash, and much more.
You really don’t know what is going to happen. There should not be any animal testing, it is cruel and inhumane. It shouldn’t even be a thing. For all you know your pet could die from people doing these kind of things to them.
Now let’s think of it like this. You are sitting at home just doing what you always do. Now people come knocking at your door and take you. They bring you into an isolated room and lock you up. They come back every day to force pills down
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Would you even be able to live with yourself knowing that you put an animal through that much pain. For all you know it could have someone’s loved pet that got lost so you took it. Doing this job is one of the most cruel and abusive jobs I can think of. It would be horrible when you get home from this job and you have a family, and your child asks you what you did at work today. You don’t want to lie but you don’t want to tell them you were doing test on animal that could have killed them.
So in other words this job and the idea of using innocent and stray animals for testing. Some of the people that hear about it and just forget about it ten minutes later. Someone should say and/or do something about it. If not then at least try to. Me personally have not heard much about all of this, but of what I’ve heard I think it’s horrible. I have animals living in my house and I would hate to see them go through all of that just for people to experiment on them.
I honestly do not like this as I’ve said before about a dozen times. I hope you will think the same after reading this. It’s a horrible thing and want it to be
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