Persuasive Argument On Dress Codes

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The class room is hot, you anxiously watch the clock, tick, tick, tick. There is 30 minutes left in class and it is the last day of your senior year. Suddenly the principal walks in with a secretary and asks you to stand up. You stand up and proceed to be told that your long sleeve, knee length dress is too short and you need to change or be suspended. There was no way to change so you were suspended. This is what happened to Maria Consuelo of River Valley High School. She was called out in a class room full of students wearing shorts and tank tops, but because they were male no one paid attention to their clothing. The women were the only people they paid attention to. Dress codes unfairly target women. Students have started to notice that males are not dress coded. Although, some people believe that dress codes make work places professional. Dress codes are considered sexist because they unfairly target women, they do not consider todays fashion, and restrict women's creativity in fashion. This essay argues that dress codes are sexist. Before arguing, I would like to provide some information about dress codes. Students have been complying to dress codes all of their lives. You can only wear certain clothing to school. Some families require that their children wear specific clothing to church on Sundays. School music programs require students to dress nice for concerts or events. In the past few years some girls have begun to notice unfair rules in dress codes. Li Zhou, an editorial fellow at the Atlantic Newspaper, stated that, “according to the Education Commission of the states, in the U.S., over half of public schools have a dress code, which frequently outline gender specific policies “. Female students feel they are being targeted by dress codes. Many of the school's dress codes do not limit what males wear. They just assume they won't be the problem. There are a few schools that regulate what males wear, but they just focus on the design on the shirt that they are wearing. The dress codes in school are used to limit what students wear in school. Some of them may need to be revised. Some people say dress codes are beneficial to the school atmosphere. People argue that dress codes are in place to
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