Persuasive Business Messages Essay

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MANAGEMENT 101 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Why is it important to present both sides of an argument when writing a persuasive message to a potentially hostile audience? It is important to present both sides of the argument in a persuasive message to a potentially hostile audience because one has to try and avoid angering the audience even more. What one aims to do is to persuade the audience and let them know that they acknowledge the audiences view on the matter at hand. To show that one acknowledges the audiences view, one needs to catch the audience’s attention this can be done through addressing their side of the argument letting the audience know that their point of view has been taken into consideration and then explaining to…show more content…
By stating ones side of the argument one can then explain how the decision made may help or aid the audience in the future therefore it may help increase the audiences desire to change their view on the matter which will more likely lead to a more positive response from the audience than hostility. After collecting all the information on the topic of the matter at hand one can now formulate a way in which they can convey the message to the audience without aggravating or offending the audience. The way in which the persuasive message is to be conveyed should be convenient and most reliable to one’s audience. The message has to be written in simple language so that the audience does not misinterpret the message or be offended by the jargon used. Grammatical mistakes have to be minimised in the construction of the message so that the message comes across as having been carefully thought through. It should display good intentions and must not be blaming to the audience but in fact it should help establish a common ground between you and the audience, which will in turn help the smoother flow of communication and understanding between the two parties. Once the message has been created and proof read one would find the correct and most effective way of sending the message to the audience. Face to face is usually best as it allows one to see the audiences’ immediate reaction to one’s message and if misunderstandings
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