Persuasive Climate Change

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Alexsa Ruiz
Ms. Sipars
AP English Language and Composition
19 December 2017

Climate Change: Action Needs to be Taken Now

There are many views on climate change and how we should approach the issue. According to some skeptics, global warming is not relevant since it is not a prominent issue.
Those supporting this view agree that the lives on Earth will not be affected anytime soon, yet there already are higher sea levels, warmer temperatures, and more extreme weather events. On the other hand, most scientists disagree with these skeptics. These scientists have studies that prove that climate change is going to drastically affect us in the near future. “By 2050, average global temperatures could rise by two degrees Celsius, and this is already unavoidable”
(Sutter). Rising temperatures and other changes will increase at a faster rate if we continue to do nothing about global warming. Despite the seemingly inevitable future of climate change there are actions that if taken now can make a real difference, and slow it down. Many articles and studies show that action should of been taken to reduce climate change decades ago. The Earth has drastically changed already, and one of the main reasons is the release of carbon dioxide from burning coal, oil, and natural gas. Once the carbon dioxide stored in the fossil fuels we burn is set free, it accumulates in and moves among the atmosphere, the oceans, the land and the plants and animals of the biosphere (Rood). The

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