Persuasive Climate Change

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Climate change is a big issue now a day and it is becoming increasingly more dangerous to our world. Climate change affects almost every aspect of our life whether we realize it or not. Over the past few years, we as a planet has suffered many devastating natural disasters struggles with our health, and overall a struggle to adapt to our ever-changing environment. Many people know that climate change is an issue, but they fail to realize what the effects are of climate change. This is something that takes a major toll on us and should not be ignored. In recent years we have suffered massive and devastating hurricanes. For example, in the article “How Climate Change Likely Strengthened Recent Hurricanes” by Craig Welch. In this article, Welch talks about how this hurricane season has been devastating with four massive and deadly hurricanes. Texas’s largest city was a part of the worst hurricane Texas has ever seen. He also states that we have been burning fossil fuels for two centuries and this has altered our temperatures and there is no doubt about it and it certainly had contributed to hurricane Harvey. Welch also brings up an important point in his argument about how hurricanes tend to weaken when they reach land because it loses much of its heat source from the ocean. But in the case of hurricane Harvey when it reaches land it intensified by about 45 mph and it lasted for 24 hours, according to National Hurricane Center data. Welch then continues to make a bold
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