Persuasive Essay About Aliens

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For many years numerous people have pretended aliens are not real, well I am here today to prove their theory wrong. Hundreds among thousands of people from all over the world have seen and even made contact with extraterrestrial life. Will you be next or have you already? They are horrifying stories that come up often with extraterrestrials. Are they fake or your worst nightmare? ¨Sightings within 500 feet are subclassified as various types of ¨close encounters¨( Hynek 41.) There has been over 104,947 sightings in a decade. There was a sighting back in the 1600s when John Winthrop had unusual writing in his diary about a ¨great light in the nighttime sky”( Hynek 32.) In September 19, 1976 people in Tehran, Iran saw an unidentified flying object around twelve am. Systems started to fail when the unidentified flying object was twenty miles away. Most sightings have been reported in Roswell, New Mexico. In the year 1947, a balloon was seen crashing into the land of a nearby ranch near Roswell, New Mexico but theories say otherwise. Multiple accusations have been argued about it but, the real mystery, if it was just a United States Air Force balloon then why did they try to cover it up?
In White Mountains, Arizona 1975 a man, Travis, went to work with his buddies to cut down trees. It was a typical day, him and dallas fought a little bit and then took a lunch break. When they finished loading all the extra limbs in the back of the truck, they left for home. On their way
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