Persuasive Essay About Becoming Friends

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I was only sixteen years old when I met you. You were eighteen. At first you were never someone who I could see myself being with. Honestly, I hated you at first. You were not nice to me, you never made any sort of effort to be. We hated each other for so long, before we slowly became friends. Sometimes, I wish that we had never stopped hating each other. We became friends eventually, and for so long, that is all that we were. We hung out in groups, never alone. I was not even very close to you. One day that all changed, I started talking to you all the time, I do not even remember how any of that started I just know that it did. Eventually, over the course of those few months that we were friends, I started to fall for you. The amount that we talked slowly rose and rose until it was one continual conversation that never ended, even as the days came and went. We started hanging out, I would go over to your place and you would come over to mine. At first, we were just friends, we did normal stuff like watch movies on separate couches, and watch stupid videos that you would find. We had the same sense of humour, we could laugh for hours at the jokes you would make, and the funny things you would find. Then, we started getting closer. We started laying in bed and cuddling, and we had all those tickle fights that you would start. Oh, how I miss those sometimes. You never did it after we started dating. Everything you did to win me over stopped eventually. I started to like you so much, and the night that I laid on your chest while you confessed that you liked me too, was the second-best day of my life. Second only to our first date. The first time that I kissed you was our first date, and you asked me out a month later. It was all so amazing, you won me over. You were everything that I had ever wanted. You were my best friend. I had fallen for you and you had fallen for me too. I had someone who I could laugh with and kiss all at the same time. What more could a person want. I had so much hope for you and our relationship. You were my first everything, my first kiss, my first boyfriend. I thought that we could last. We talked about our future and what we wanted. We did not want the same things but I was
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