Persuasive Essay About Being Alone

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Entry Three. Being Alone. I believe that being alone can double as a positive experience and also a negative one. I think when you are choosing to be alone, it is being you either want or need to, so it becomes a positive activity. On the other hand, if you are being left out, it can be a negative one. I used to get left out a lot with my “friends,” I mean I still do. But I have learned to accept the fact that you will not always be included in everything, and that is okay. My friends used to hang out without me or go to the mall, and I used to get extremely upset. I had the right to be, I was left out. But it isn’t the end of the world, and I slowly but surely learned that. Like being alone, I double as a the type of person who needs…show more content…
I would watch movies with them and other activities and I realized that overall I talked to them more. I also felt as though I said “I love you” to my family more. I am not sure why living deliberately made this happen, but it did. I also tried to do things that would benefit me, instead of being on my phone 24/7. I feel as there is a strong correlation between phone use and living deliberately for me. These two days felt longer and I believe that I got more done because I had this mind set. After having the mindset of doing everything with a purpose, I have realized I like this way of living and will continue, and try my hardest, to have this mindset over summer. I want to better myself as a dancer this summer. I will try to eat healthier to better my body and work on dance everyday, whether that entails stretching, conditioning, or even just improving. I hope I keep this mindset this summer because truly I feel better about myself after these two days.

Entry Five. Examination of the Quality of an Average Day. 6/2/17 6:30 - 7 → Woke up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, put on deodorant, changed my clothes ate a doughnut (b/c national doughnut day duhh) {Doughnut Count: 1}, and left my house for the bus stop
My mornings are always rushed because I rather sleep, but this morning was okay because my mom surprised me with a doughnut (doughnuts are my favorite food by the way)
7 - 7:40 →
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