Persuasive Essay About Bullying

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A 15 year- old is carrying her books she is getting bullied because she likes to read books. Older girls start pushing her around and calling he a nerd and she gets very emotional. When she gets home she has thoughts about killing herself and she can’t handle all the laughing and rumors she takes a rope and hangs herself. Kids today are getting bullied they either start rumors, Cyber Bully, Threaten, Physical Violence, and too many kids are getting hurt from it.. Once a kid starts a social media and post something they get bullied about what they post. I want to stop that from happening to people.
While researching this topic, I wanted to find out keys of information what bullying does to kids and what types of bullying there are. My driving question was: How can we as students solve this case of bullies bullying other kids and find out why they are bullying
After all this research that I did, We can find ways to prevent kids from any bullying happening to them because school grades are dropping and their not focus on school work only if their friends would make fun of them at lunch.
Bullying is causing lots of people to get hurt kids are getting cyberbullied, rumors about them, threats, Physical violence and getting social bullied. According to my reseach kids with social media are getting bullied because of what they post of themselves. Lots of students report that they are getting bullied, Some kids grades are dropping low because of it if you realize that grades
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