Persuasive Essay About Bullying

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Marina Elkommos Zakhary Dr. Candace Grissom English 1010 November 30, 2017 Thanks for The Pain! Among Amercian elementary, middle, and high school students bullying is a growing problem. People been defined bullying by many ways. For example, people define bullying as, " unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived imbalance of power"( Bullying honestly needs to be stopped because it is a very negative act. The person doing the bullying has an advantage over the one being bullied, so bullying is usually an unfair fight. First of all, bullying has become more and more of a problem over the years. Today than ever before, more children are becoming victims of this often-tragic problem. Honestly, there has was been a rise in "bullying among lesbian-gay-transgendered-bi-sexual (known as LGTB), students, as well as children who are considered to be of special needs" (Bullying statistics). In addition, in order to be able to handle and fix the problem, there many causes for bullying, but it must be dealt with before a solution can take effect. Bullying has become more and more of a problem over the years. Bullying has become more and more of a problem over the years. These causes may include: "poverty, problems or abuse within the home, a feeling of power from age or body size, provocative or annoying victims, and a need to feel better about themselves as a person" (Cheever, Jenny). Bullying occurs almost on a daily basis, especially in schools is a serious problem. Furthermore, bullying can happen at any time and anywhere. In schools it can happen in the cafeteria, in the playground, in the hallways, in the buses, in the restrooms and even in the classrooms. Bullying can lead to many often-tragic problems therefore it is serious. Bullying happens more than people want to believe, sadly. According to studies shown of bullying, "at least 60% of middle school children say they have been bullied, only 16% of their teachers actually believe students are bullied, and 160,000 students who have been or are bullied stay at home each day because of bullying" (Bullying In fact, bullying is becoming more and more extreme. When someone

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