Persuasive Essay About Cheating In School

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An enormous problem in schools throughout all of America is cheating. Individuals have been trying to solve these issues since they first arose long ago. Cheating in school can cause serious consequences, whether the teacher catches the cheater or not. Throughout my 12 years of school, I have seen my fair share of cheating. Seeing cheating during school is infuriating, and this issue must dissipate. The solution to this problem may be far from our reach, but people have created a few alternatives we can attempt to solve this concern. While some of them may fail, trying other options is never a bad idea. When asking college students if they cheated in High School, 86% of the students admitted to the act (Jaffe). Not only do the kids who…show more content…
Cheating is not the only option when attempting to achieve excellent grades. Studying and paying attention during lectures is essential, especially when trying to succeed in life. Another excuse for cheating is that the cheater believes they are only affecting themselves when they cheat on an assignment or test. They may believe this is true, but it certainly is not. When one student or multiple students cheat on an assignment or test, the teacher believes that the students actually understood the lesson, but if other students didn’t cheat or are struggling to understand the subject being taught, the teacher will probably leave them behind, being that the majority of the class understood, in which they truthfully didn’t. The students or student left behind may then start questioning themselves as if they are smart enough to be in the specific class for the remainder of the semester. The students struggling are actually trying to learn and gain knowledge for their futures. Instead, they start falling behind, the reason being; their teachers believe they aren’t putting in as much effort as the other students. The final reason behind cheating is: students believe certain teachers aren’t exceptional at their jobs. Personally, I have been “taught” by a teacher who had no skill in actually teaching their students. Of course, I desired to cheat, I wanted to pass the class, but I realized cheating would only result in my teacher believing they were doing their job
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