Persuasive Essay About Courage

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As children, we were all mesmerized by the bravery of the superheroes on television. Wide-eyed, we heard the cheers of the town as they saved the day and vowed to follow their footsteps and contribute great feats. After we got older, we honored the vows and advanced society, bettered lives, and left our mark on the world–due to everyday courage. It seems only fitting that we take a moment to define courage, as courage is more than a superhero. An act of courage is an act that is risky, but pursued regardless, to fulfill noble intentions. Furthermore, a true act of courage will satisfy six criteria.

One criterion for courage is the fact that it must involve risk. Assume that a Sea Bear, who loves to eat sponge cake, thinks SpongeBob Squarepants looks just like yellow cake and has kidnapped SpongeBob’s pet snail Gary! Unarmed, SpongeBob, the little yellow sponge of the sea, treks up a sea hill to the Bear’s cave. The Sea Bear greets SpongeBob with a loud ROAR. Unmoving with fright, he blinks three times and starts…tickling the bear. Remarkably, his tickle tactic is successful, and the bear rolls on the floor laughing. Seizing the moment, SpongeBob grabs Gary and runs away. In this scenario, SpongeBob is courageous, because he acts even though there is a significant chance the bear will eat SpongeBob. However, if Gary slithered out to the porch and SpongeBob took him back inside, it is not courageous since it does not involve risk.

Other than involving risk, an actor needs
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