Persuasive Essay About Cyber Bullying

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Have you ever been a victim of cyberbullying? Ever experienced the pain and hurt from who you thought you could call your, “friends?” Maybe you have never been a victim but have seen it, and thought you should stand you for said person. In this case, we are talking about a girl named Martha. Now I don’t know a lot about Martha, because no background information was given, but I do know that Martha is being bullied, and I would stand you for her. Being responsible, and standing up for someone that’s too afraid to do it their self is what God would want. He’d also want you to show Martha what a true friendship is. Being a kind person in general is what we should all strive to be, so with that said let’s get into the essay.

When I said being responsible, and standing up for someone that’s too afraid to stand up for themselves, I mean that maybe Martha is afraid she would lose her friends if she actually does stand up for herself. It’s perfectly normal to think that way,for Martha, but for a person on the outside, that’s what people call a toxic relationship. Martha is struggling to please others because she may be newer to the school, and may just want to fit in. If you would see someone in a toxic relationship, such as one of your best friends, you would be all for telling them, well, I would make Martha my best friend, and show her what a good relationship is like. She might be struggling so much so, that it leads her into depression, and she eventually commits suicide when
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