Persuasive Essay About Electric Cars

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Is it possible to visualize not having to stop to refuel cars with gas? Is preserving the environment for future generations important? Is safety a factor when choosing a car? It is the year 2017 yet, abundant products like gas powered cars are generating toxic pollutants that are detrimental to our habitat. Not to mention, the tremendous price tag and safety, uncertainties we experience pertaining to these types of vehicles. To illustrate this dilemma, approximately each home in the United States occupies one car fueled by gas. Flying cars like in the cartoon show The Jetsons do not exist; nonetheless, there is a superior solution. People should switch to Electric transportation because they provide ample benefits to our society such as…show more content…
Considering electric autos use electricity for power, it is eco-friendly. Specifically, it is energy efficient and operates with fewer natural resources. The fact that these vehicles do not use gas fuel means that there is no pollution emitted like climate harmful greenhouse gasses or nitrogen oxide. Electric cars use a lithium battery to operate, thus preserving hundreds of dollars every year. By way of example, I know that from my own personal experience that I am tired of spending mass amounts of money on gas. In addition, these categories of batteries are rechargeable and can regenerate conveniently at home or at a local charging station. As a result, the batteries alone allow spending less money and using fewer resources. In particular, electric automotive designers gravitate towards fixating on green materials. In fact, the interiors frequently integrate recycled materials such as second-hand home appliances, used car parts, and plastic. BMW; for instance, manufactured an ecological brand with their i3 model. As a matter of fact, they recycle old lithium batteries to recharge at home. Seeing that electric autos use electricity instead of gas fuels helps to protect the atmosphere. For those reasons, there is obviously less excuses on the continuation of harming our environment. Electric cars possess less moving parts; for this reason, they have fewer maintenance requirements and expenses. Without a doubt;

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