Persuasive Essay About Golden Retriever

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Sometimes, life doesn’t quite turn out the way you want it to, no matter how hard you try, so you have to learn to roll with the punches. That was how I felt when, in the summer of 2016, my mom decided we would be getting a dog. For the longest time, my sister had been for getting a dog, and this news delighted her to no end. They thought a Golden Retriever would be the best dog for us. I, however, was not with them on the idea. I wanted to spend my time doing things that I wanted to do, not looking after a dog. I knew a dog would be a lot of responsibility.
Despite my objections, we visited a breeder who had a litter of Golden Retriever puppies. We chose one during that visit, and we named her Karma. All summer, my sister and I had to
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I constantly feared the worst-case scenario: death. That feeling I had, it was something I wouldn 't wish upon anyone. My heart ached, hoping and praying for the best. Monday, we went to visit her, and she looked awful. She couldn 't even stand. Something in my mind told me she wasn 't going to make it. I tried to fight that feeling, but once we were home, I collapsed on my bead and burst into tears. I couldn 't shake the feeling she was going to die. It was the one time I wished for me to be wrong. Unfortunately, I wasn 't. Tuesday, she ended up passing away while being transported to an emergency animal treatment center.
I found out Tuesday after school. My mom brought my sister and I into her room and made the announcement. They were both clearly devastated. I myself shed no tears until I was in the safety of my own room. All I felt was hate, resentment, fear, and devastation. Out of everything that could have happened, why did she have to go? I continued to ask myself that one question over and over. I felt like it was partially my fault. I questioned if I had done something that would have led to this. We sent her away to find out what had caused her death. They found nothing, and assumed it was a neurological problem.
Even now, I look back and wish I had spent more time with Karma and showed her more love. It wasn’t that I hated Karma. I just hated having to take care of her. I would have much rather been in my room doing other things, but
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