Persuasive Essay About Growing Food In Space

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My researched argument, which targeted NASA and its food researchers, claimed that NASA cannot send astronauts to space on long-term missions without growing their own source of food in their shuttle. My purpose was to persuade NASA to follow through with this idea that growing food on a long-term space mission would not only make the space travel successful but it would also help astronauts stay healthier, which ultimately would keep them alive. With the goal of convincing my audience to accept my ideas, I had to use educated rhetorical elements. In this researched argumentative essay, the use of these rhetorical strategies included pathos and ethos. The use of pathos allowed for me to appeal to my audience’s emotion, and personal connection that they have towards their astronauts and space projects. Likewise, using ethos helped me, as being the author, to develop credibility with my audience, so they knew that I am reliable and informed about my claims. For my editorial, I plan on changing my audience to a much smaller, educated group about the topic of growing food in space, which are CSU Plant Biologist graduates. Changing this audience is going to change how I use my rhetorical elements. The application of pathos in my researched argument granted me access to NASA and their emotional connection to their space missions and colleagues, those being astronauts. In my third paragraph, I use my first reason that is produced from one of the many benefits of growing food in space, that was, it would keep astronauts healthy. I made the claim that, “It would not be a healthy expectation for an astronaut to only eat prepackaged food for the long duration of their mission.” (Gaub 2). Using this bold statement, I attempted to make my audience feel sympathetic about this matter, as if they were in the astronauts’ shoes. NASA can more easily imagine what it would be like to eat prepackaged food day in and day out with this claim. NASA has one huge goal, and that is to keep their astronauts alive, so to connect with them emotionally through the working environment and daily resource of food, showing that growing food provided bene health in space, and less fearful of their survivability. Additionally, I talk about the

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