Persuasive Essay About Helicopter Parenting

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My parents gave me a choice, I could be free to experience and explore the internet, or I would be monitored and protected from everything I saw. As in my parents see what I see, and I see what they want me to see. Instinctively I took this as an insult, did they not trust me, was my mother trying to smother me? Truthfully, they were just trying to look out for me and try helicopter parenting, opposing from their usually lenient style of parenting. As we had a discussion on my presence on the internet, I began to be creeped out about the idea my parents were spying on me, so I told them they had nothing to worry about and that I would still be open to the idea of monitoring. After my talk with my parents, I wondered did other teens have…show more content…
It certainly isn 't required for good child learning. And to the extent that we do manage to solve all of our children’s problems–or keep those problems from ever even popping up–we are doing rhwem a disservice. Not a fatal one that will stunt our children forever. But still, we are steering them away from the real source of confidence and independence, which comes comes from navigating the world and its surprises. Especially the unpleasant ones (Skenazy 92).” For this reason many parents should advocate raising self-reliant and responsible kids that learn from their mistakes and grow from them. Mistakes are wrong, but good for developing mindsets. In order to learn we must reflect on our mistakes which means always moving forward to bigger and better things, with this mindset we are driven to achieve. In this case, when parents let kids have more online privileges they are destined to fail one way or another which prepares them for the real world. This mentality lets kids have room for improvement when it comes to their online presence, they catch themselves doing the wrong thing and make a habit of doing the right thing. In her article, “Trapped by Helicopter Parents”, Danah Boyd maintains that: “Rather than helping teens develop strategies for negotiating public life and the potential risks of interacting with others, fearful parents have focused on tracking, monitoring and blocking. These tactics don’t help teens develop the skills they need to manage

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