Persuasive Essay About Heroes

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“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.” Heroes wake up in the morning just to find another challenge. They get up and face it with a positive attitude and hope that it will be their last. They have courage and walk in when everybody else runs out. Heroes aren’t perfect so they get blinded by a goal or a personal need and appear to be evil. Heroes are positive and just can’t seem to fit in. Ana, a cancer patient fights for her life everyday but makes “people feel better after talking to her” because she is positive and always has a smile on. Heroes are faced with challenges all the time and get worn out. Even when they are beaten down they still cheer people up and don’t drag them down with problems. Moco, from…show more content…
Homer’s rocket falls in front of a mine and nearly hits a worker. While all of his friends run away he takes responsibility and is ridiculed in front of the workers. Soldiers are on the front lines taking fire and protecting us from any incoming danger. We aren’t necessarily running away but we aren’t on the front lines either. Both Homer and soldiers take the dangerous road and walk in when everybody else is running out. Batman, A.K.A Bruce Wayne, was a little kid when he saw his parents get killed. Since then he had wanted to murder the murderer. He was infuriated because he didn’t get his satisfaction. Homer Sr. was so focused on saving his town’s economy that he set aside his own son’s dream and was forcing him to go into the mining industry. Heroes are supportive and find ways to save people not kill them by all means necessary. They help instead of turning away and always guide people to the right path. In short, heroes are positive and do the right thing every day. They defend the people who can’t fight and stand up for what they believe. Heroes aren’t perfect and make mistakes so people doubt them along their journey but heroes, ever so determined, finish the job with flying
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