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“Hunting as a family is by no means a new tradition. In fact, it used to be one of several traditional American family values(Staff).”
Meals from Nature
Anybody feel like voluntarily waking up at the crack of dawn just to sit in the middle of the woods in a blind and probably see nothing for hours on end? Wait, what if I add that it’ll be in the middle of winter so the temperature will not only be freezing, but you’ll also have a frost bite approved wind slapping at your face? No takers? I figured that would be the response. You’d be surprised though because when I was around five or six years old freezing temperatures and being stranded in the woods sounded like paradise, especially with my best friend, my Dad, was right there with me.
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For us it was never the meal that meant the most, it was the effort and the time it took to get it from the woods to the dinner table.
The Hunt: Daddy and Daughter Time
5AM was about the time we’d wake up every morning before we went out. Being one of the 40% of Americans that hunted, he usually had plenty of resources and friends whose land we enjoyed and were allowed to use (Service). It was still dark out, and hunting season is usually around the colder months so we’d bundle up in various camouflage clothing, mine always having a hint of pink because what young 5-6 year old girl doesn’t want pink in every aspect of her clothing. I would strap on my glitzy cowgirl boots and clumsily followed my Dad with an empty case that he gave me to feel like I was helping load up in some sort of way. We’d hop in the topless rust-ridden Jeep around 5:45 and explore the now deep purple and burnt orange light enveloped world, the engine being the only sound for miles. I’d be in the passenger seat, just barely legally allowed to not need a car seat, and sit and talk to my Pops about everything under the sun. I was young so as soon as you woke me up I was talking and awake, especially with my Dad who probably had no interest about the latest Blues Clues episode but allowed me ramble about the present opening song and how I felt about the melodious tune and how the other animals

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