Persuasive Essay About Illegal Immigration

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It is not easy for the immigrant to come into the United States and obtain legal citizenships. The world is a crazy place which has led to many foreigners coming into the United States illegally to escape religious prosecutions and war. Today, many Americans do not want immigrants to even enter the country because they believe that the illegal immigrants are terrorists, taking most of the jobs from the Americans, and increasing the crime rate. From author Francine Kiefer Last updated on 2/25/2016 10:24:24 AM. many foreigners both legally and illegally came here for a better opportunity. The majority of them also boosts up the economy because of working and paying taxes and also produce more jobs(Kiefer 2016). Undocumented immigrants pay taxes in the United State, at an actual estimate of 13 billion dollars each year. The illegal immigrants here commit less crime than American born citizens, which was discovered in a study by Richard Pere Pena of the New York Times, Immigrants also produce more jobs by creating more competition into the job market. Immigration is a what this land was founded on because people were seeking better opportunities in life. Passing illegal immigration reform would provide the opportunity for Americans that policymakers can work together to solve big problems and boost the economy at the same time. This Author concludes that granting the illegal Immigrant citizenship would improve economic growth. And it would provide better opportunities for
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