Persuasive Essay About Immigration

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Since the birth of America, the United States has been a place of hopes and dreams for those trapped by poverty, and political instability in their home counties. Today, since President Trump has taken office, the fight to send back undocumented immigrants has begun. The public has been divide over the issues of race. To which discrimination exists. Illegal immigration has been one of the major problems the United States has had for a long time. Some residence have been supportive, while others, like our president, want them out. I for one am one of those who are completely supportive. I am against all the discrimination put towards innocent people. I believe they should have every right to a good future just as us. This problem is old news. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have come into the United States. These immigrants come into to the states through the Mexican border, the Pacific Ocean, and many other ways. Some of these immigrants have entered the United States through a visit visa, but stayed illegally and began working in different places. Illegal immigration has many pros and cons. Some Americans view immigration as a view of strength. It has provided the local economy with cost benefits, the illegal immigrants are not paid as much. These immigrants are the ones who are building our buildings, because of them and their farming we are getting food on our tables. Without them we would not have half of what we have today. Immigrants should be appreciated for what they provide to us in a daily bases. Some Americans might not see it, but immigrants have helped us in many way since time itself can tell. Children of immigrants are the ones who are not at fault but the most effected. Many undocumented immigrants who enter the U.S bring along their families, when their parents are discovered by immigration, the children are the ones who are left behind. Imagine being separated from your parents at a young age, without knowing what is to happen to you. Citizens do not seem to have a care in the world about what these children are facing. According to experts there are more than 5000 immigrant children in foster care, due to having parents detained or deported back to Mexico. In a journal by

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