How Do Junk Food Cause And Effect Essay

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Have you ever went through a breakup or devastating event and went to resolve it by eating junk? Well, like you many other people resort to eating unhealthy food. However little do you guys know, every time you eat junk food it is killing you little by little. The food that you are eating is extremely unhealthy and bad because it is increasing all the risks to dietary diseases and obesity. Even tho it is so good and taste so delicious they are harming us each bite we take. The delicious body fattening food is extremely addictive in two ways, physically and mentally. The reason it is addictive is because every time you eat one of those snacks, your brain starts to crave it when you don’t eat it for a while, so soon after the brain will want it so bad and you will get addicted to it. When you are addicted and keep eating you will develop health risks and obesity. These risks are increasing stupendously because of the food being addictive, and because we are not realizing it. These two addictions can cause many health risks and lead to obesity. The addictions will soon turn into life styles and these life styles are what you see on television and YouTube and it is sickening to witness and see.

Think about your mind telling you that you need junk food. Well that’s the same thing as mental addiction to junk food. This is like how people get addicted to drugs. This is because drugs have the same pleasure as junk food. “Like addictive drugs, highly palatable foods trigger
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