Persuasive Essay About Love Finder

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Cupid stepped into the mansion with a new suit from brooks brothers. He was a handsome young man who took pride in owning one of the biggest dating sites in the world known as Love Finder. However this mansion was not his but belonged to his famous mother, Aphrodite. Aphrodite had invited Cupid over to discuss a pressing matter. Cupid was met with an irritated look from his mother as he sat down at the table. Cupid asked why she had called him over and she replied saying
"There is a new celebrity on the streets named Psyche, and she is threatening all that I hold dear to my heart: my looks. She is rivaling my record set of 3 unanimous most beautiful girl in HollyWood awards with two and she will most definitely win a third which comes with
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She sat there waiting for a man to appear but nothing happened. Finally her phone buzzed with a notification from an unknown number. It was a text that said,
“enjoy yourself; I am in my study please refrain from interrupting me because I am very busy”.
She swam and ate and enjoyed herself for a couple of days. Then a ring at the door came. It was Psyche 's sisters Claire and Allison who had used Find My Iphone to locate Psyche. kkkkkk“Where were you,” they exclaimed. But soon forgot their question as they gazed upon the wonders that sat before them. They realized that she must have been with some rich man and immediately turned jealous. They excused themselves to go to the bathroom and devised a plan to take this luxury away from their little sister. As they ate lunch and caught up, Allison suggested that it was quite strange for a limo to randomly show up next to her and for this man to not yet show his face. “Are you sure this man isn 't a stalker and creep,” she asked. Psyche thought about it and began to get scared. As the sisters left Aphrodite planned on revealing this man for his true identity. Because he had told her that he slept in his study, she was going to creep into it and expose this man. That night she left her room, tip toed down the stairs, and slipped into the study. She turned on her phone and flashed it right to where the chair was. She felt joy rush over her as she saw a handsome man, but it quickly

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