Persuasive Essay About Makeup

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Even six thousand years ago, makeup had a presence in many societies.There were only a few products to use for your skin, a majority of these products were home-made. As time has progressed, different types of products have been made as makeup and beauty products became popular. At the time in which makeup became popular, many places sell products with prices affordable up to absurd prices, these products still can be sold due to a majority of the make-up wearing population that wants to have the most modern and fascinating products. Advertising has a presence everywhere; billboards, trucks, magazines, online apps, and on your radio stations are all methods of sharing products. In advertisements, an included description of how specific products are supposed to aid your skin makes a mark. These descriptions often don’t coincide with the products actual wear which can cause one to feel self-conscious or lower one's self-esteem due to society's harsh judgment on makeup.

At the turn of the 21st century, makeup has a large variety of different uses, from covering up natural parts of your skin, including redness, blemishes, and freckles to wearing makeup for a date, costumes, holidays, shopping at the store, or attending work and school. Society makes the idea of beauty seem as if there is a requirement to have a face full of makeup and perfect skin similar to that of the model’s used in advertisements. The models used for advertising skin products already have society's view of
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