Persuasive Essay About Mexican Immigrants

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Americans can benefit from Immigrants
Mexicans that immigrate to the United States bring with them cultural diversity and unique skills that are beneficial to both the immigrants and Americans from an employment, education and cultural standpoint. Helping All is a program that requires Mexican immigrants under the age of 18 go to school and offers the opportunity for them to tutor Americans in Spanish. Mexicans over the age 18 have to get a job that will help pay for citizenship and receive less support from the government, therefore saving the American people money. The United States will allow 100 Mexicans to immigrate each year and live in subsidized housing paid by the federal government. Mexicans are hard workers and often work for less pay than Americans are willing to accept. There are approximately 8 million illegal immigrants working in the United States. Mexicans are usually are employed in construction, natural resources, maintenance, production, transportation, farming, and moving material jobs. On average, an immigrant has a household income of approximately $37,390 compared to a natural born citizen’s average household income of $54,565. Many immigrants work harder than Americans and receive less pay. Hiring Mexicans can save American employers due to the fact they do not have to pay higher wages and do not have to provide benefits. Because two-thirds of Mexican immigrants do not have a high school education, American employers do not pay them the same
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