Persuasive Essay About Obesity

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I. Introduction Because of the omnipotence of fast food chains in America, when we feel the urge for an easy meal, Americans, in general, immediately look to the fast food nation for a quick suppression to their hunger. Because we live in a time-is-money society the most efficient means of hunger satisfaction is the almighty drive-through. Corporations spend billions of dollars advertising to enhance sales of their products. With American catching on to the lack of healthy food options in the fast food nation, fast food chains began campaigning healthier food such as their salads and fruit cups. However salads may sound healthy but a Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken from McDonalds has 320 calories and 90 grams of fat. Where's the…show more content…
PHOTO b) Many of these restaurants are located around schools to reach a key group of customers-kids. (i) 50 % of schools in Chicago have a fast food restaurant within .3 miles (a five minute walk); 78% have one within .5 miles ( a ten minute walk); and 35% have one within .25 miles. (Children's Hospital Boston, 2004). 2. Customers are drawn in using marketing devices that are catchy and use celebrities. a) Justin Timberlake, one of the most popular recording artists today, filmed a commercial for McDonald's. A spokeswoman for McDonald's said "the campaign is getting "buzz on the street." The song he sings in the commercial was also to be released as a full length single (MacArthur, 2003, p. 2). b) Fast food restaurants advertise themselves and their food as different than all the other restaurants. (i) "Think Outside the Bun" –Taco Bell; "It's better here."-Wendy's; "There's Fast Food, Then There's KFC"-KFC 3. The food being advertised is extremely unhealthy and contributes to the obesity epidemic that is sweeping the nation. a) Almost all food served at fast food restaurants has an extremely high fat and calorie content and lacks nutritional value. (i) "Typical fast food meals consist of hamburgers or cheeseburgers, french fries, and sugar-sweetened sodas. They are frequently 'super sized' at very little additional cost, encouraging children and
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