Persuasive Essay About Older People

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Have you ever helped someone out and have just felt great about yourself? When you help someone out; you feel so satisfied. There are many ways people can help one another out. First, helping the elders is one of the best things someone could do. Along with that, someone could also gain enjoyment by helping out the homeless. Furthermore, everyone at some point needed help at school, so help one of your peers out. Serving the older people, the less fortunate, and students, are the best ways to do something for another person. When you help the elders; you feel like you did an amazing task. You can help them move around if they need it: push them in their wheelchair, help them stand, and let them hold onto you while they are trying to walk. If you are a young person, just be by them. A lot of senior figures like when there are younger kids by their side. I remember when I volunteered at a nursing home; I was the star of the show. Talking to the elders could really be a fantastic way to help them out. They could feel lonely at times and just need someone to talk to. Also, a lot of times when elders need help, they are not at home, so they are usually they are in a nursing home, and they are not with a lot of people for a long time. In my experience, older people like to talk. Another way to help out is, if your grandparents or a senior wants food; you could let them sit and you go get it for them. Moving objects could be difficult for them, and they would really enjoy the
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