Persuasive Essay About Plastic Pollution

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Throughout our entire planet, humans have made their mark of existence in innumerable beautiful and substantial ways; however, there are numberless ways that humans have put our planet, and the life living on it, in danger. Pollution is a problem that cannot easily be solved by one person; nonetheless, if more people would accomplish the meager changes necessary to lessen this problem, the plastic pollution on our planet could decrease greatly. Plastic pollution is slowly killing and disrupting our planet and the animals living on it; however, with a few changes to our everyday lives, we can help save the world.
Every year, more than 300 million tons of plastic are made, this poses as a threat when you take into account how much of this plastic
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With just one look at the sand, you can see a variety of colors; however, these colors are not part of nature. If you were to take a closer look, you would notice that these colorful speckles in the sand are meager pieces of plastic. Although these miniscule pieces of plastic seem to be harmless, they are actually much more dangerous than other larger pieces. By being more difficult to clean, these plastics remain in the sand while the larger, more visible, plastics are able to be easily…show more content…
The first step that we must take is to start changing the way the plastic producers create their products. Nearly all single use plastic factories around the world do not take responsibility for their product being part of the issue, this mindset, however, ought to be the first thing we shall abandon. Once these manufacturers take responsibility, they must design a more environmentally friendly plastic that can be recycled or reused easier. Another solution to this problem would be taxing or billing the manufacturers of these harmful plastics; by calculating how much harmful chemicals are created by each plastic manufacturer, you could create a specific percentage to tax each factory for their products. By taxing these plastic manufacturers, it will form the idea of creating a more environmentally friendly formula for their plastics much more desirable than before. If the plastic companies were to adjust to these changes, we would be taking an extensive step toward creating a better, more clean,
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