Persuasive Essay About Racism

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Racism is one of the many problems in America right now, why is this a problem? Well it’s problem because there has been hate crimes,people committing suicide because of the bullying, and they make them feel ashamed. I’m latina and I have gotten many racist comments and it has gotten me down a lot. Why should people be racist because of their color and where they’re from? This is a question I have been thinking for a awhile. I was in 6th grade and I was walking to my class with my friends and something happened…. This white blonde boy went up to my face and he said,”Build a wall!’’ I wanted to punch him but I would have gotten in trouble. People kept saying “Build a wall” because of Donald Trump’s speech. He said how Mexico is bringing drugs and how Mexicans are rapists, and that we’re bringing crime. Not all mexicans are bad people, hearing this made me scared and angry. Donald Trump was gonna deport immigrants who come here for a better life or give there kids a better life. The bullying didn’t stop, kids kept insulting us and telling us racist jokes to other races and me. My friends and I decided to tell a elder and he said,“Ok.” He said it like he didn’t care if we were getting bullied. I think that day he didn’t do anything. We told him that this one kid kept telling us racist jokes, he said,“I gonna call him to my office right now.” All he did was make the boy, who was being mean to us, say sorry to us. He didn’t get in trouble or anything. See the elder didn’t do
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