Persuasive Essay About Recycling

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The first earth day was established in the 1970s and that marked the day when recycling went into effect. In the year 1919 recycling became an everyday routine. They just thought they were reusing products because things were scarce. After 1950 the American Can Company formed America Recycles Day is a national initiative of “Keep America Beautiful”. That program was the back bone for how people are recycling today. Recycling is a complicated topic from the process, benefits, and programs in place.
When people think about recycling or even trash people believe that it goes into the trucks and go to the landfill to be dumped and then possibly burned or somehow disposed. In the article The Atlanta, went behind the scenes to examine the …show more content…

Maryland has a forty-three-point- two recycling rate stated by Maryland Department of the Environment. At least Maryland does recycle while some other states have a recycling rate that is lower than Maryland. Maryland tries to make recycling easier for the residents. They have a chart that shows you what can and can’t be recycled. You don’t have to buy your own recycling cans because you just have call your local recycling center and they will provide two large cans if you pay your taxes. Some of the recycling programs are supported by different companies and groups. That show that they want to be involved with saving the world.
It is great that recycling is doing so much but everything cost money. In the movie “Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream -- Why Poverty?” they talked about some of the richest people in America. On average the cost of recycling two-hundred forty dollars per ton. Mr. Koch may believe that we should get rid of the recycling problems because of the cost. He likes to spend his money on persuading the republicans. “The cheapest person over all was David Koch,” says the doorman and it proves he spend on things that help him. As stated in the movie the “rich people cover half of the USA”. Rich people focus is to make money and not worry about little things. The film had showed the “Bronx South and how people were struggling to get food”. These rich men that lived in New York would not care about them. They

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