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Effective and Fun Means of Learning: Field Trips! Sometimes a classroom can’t teach everything. To change things up, day trips allow for a diverse learning experience for students. School field trips are an effective means of fun, interactive learning; the MET museum as well as the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey are two ideal trips to plan following Pascack Hills High School’s tenth grade English curriculum and reading of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Field trips are a refreshing and potent change of pace from an enclosed school environment. These day-long excursions are capable of enhancing interactive means of learning; they “add new dimensions to education through “teachable moments” that seldom occur in the classroom” according to…show more content…
Having a trip focus on a specific subject/unit only adds to a students focus and ability to properly retain organized, clear information. Planning these fixed field trips will engage students by peaking their own interests and thus providing a more productive learning experience. Amongst many locations for a field trip, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most ideal to visit. This museum, is located in New York City roughly 40 minutes from Pascack Hills High School. Ms. Donahue, an English teacher at the school, has three small classes with about 15 students per class; this trip would accommodate for these students with an addition one to two teachers. Those attending would be expected to be at the school ready to depart by 8:10 in the morning. After arriving and checking in (all students must pay $20 in the form of a permission slip to their teachers prior to the trip), students are free to wander the museum by themselves. Around 12, students will be advised to meet at the building’s cafeteria for lunch, though they may eat at any time. Bagged lunches will not be an option and all attendees must bring at least $20 for lunch; they may also bring additional money for the gift shop if desired. By 1:15, all students and teachers will meet in a planned location and be prepared to go back to the school. With any extra time

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