Persuasive Essay About School Uniforms

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Kristen woke up and turned off her alarm. She looked around her room until she saw her new brown boots sitting next to her backpack. It was the first day of school and she could not wait to wear her new boots to school. Until she walked into her first period class and noticed everyone was wearing new white boots. She looked down at her brown shoes and her confidence immediately fell. The only thing she wanted now, was to go home. Today’s media holds a huge influence on the way teenagers dress. Media is growing rapidly and new fashion trends are multiplying. So it is hard for teenagers to keep up, considering none of them have money. In order for teenagers not to feel stressed or get judged at school over how they dress, the solution to this problem could be school uniforms. Despite uniforms taking away a student’s freedom to express themselves, public schools should require them because teenage students are more concerned about the physical impression they have on peers, rather than getting a good education. School uniforms take away a type of freedom from students which can leave students unhappy. Robyn Silverman explains why she doesn’t believe in uniforms, “At a time where teens and preteens want to express themselves, clothes provide a vehicle, a benign vehicle, to allow them to express themselves and say, ‘I’m different,’ without having to approach more risky ways of saying the same thing” (Falm). Someone who is anti-uniform would argue that the clothes teenagers wear provide the opportunity to express their own individuality. However, there are other ways to display individuality. Students can still express themselves by adding accessories to the uniform. Even though there are negative aspects of school uniforms, students can handle them in creative ways. Teenagers are more concerned about looking good and fitting in at school more than they are about learning. Dave Anderson, a writer for Listland, reveals the devastating outcome of kids who do not fit in, “students who can’t afford expensive or designer clothing are often an easy target to bullying” (Anderson). Poor students worry about getting bullied for wearing inexpensive clothes to schools. This fear diverts the true reason for why they are at
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