Persuasive Essay About School Uniforms

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[Create a Unique Title Here] Many schools have a love-hate relationship with school uniforms: the school loves them, but the students hate them. While many students believe school uniforms are an arbitrary concept, dress codes are actually very beneficial to them, the staff, and the school as a whole. Ever since school uniforms began their reign on public schools instead of private and religious institutes, students have been convinced that school uniforms are meant to stifle their individuality and keep them “in check”. However, that is not the case. School uniforms have a greater, more nobler purpose to serve. Enforcing a school uniform policy is more affordable to the families paying for the clothes, less stressful and distracting to…show more content…
A school uniform can not only save money, but it can also save a lot of time and stress. Kaylen Tucker, who works with the NAESP, concludes that about an overall average of ninety-three percent of parents have benefitted from school uniforms since they are easier to shop for, eliminates wardrobe battles, and saves a substantial amount of time in the morning (Tucker). Having a regulated dress code helps both the parent and the student start off the day smoothly without having to dig through the closet trying to decide what to wear. Others may argue that school uniforms strip the student of their personal identity, something they usually express benignly through their clothes, but a survey conducted through the University of Nevada, Reno shows that fifty-four percent of the students still felt like their identity was still intact, uniform or not (Wharton). School uniforms also affect the classroom, and they have been proven to help minimize distractions within a learning environment. Eighty-one percent of teachers and thirty-four percent of parents agree that a school uniform policy has contributed to the prevention of disruptions during class (StatisticBrain). Having a dress code helps everyone focus on what should really matter at school: learning. The safety of the students and staff is always the top priority of the school board, and school uniforms help ensure their
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