Persuasive Essay About Sex In School

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Sex in School Do you know where babies come from? Well if we did not have a sex education course how would we find the proper information about anything! When society talks about sex it is almost a taboo subject that just is forbidden. All public schools should teach sex-education because it helps protect teens from sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy, and promotes healthy relationships. Pregnancy is always such a joyous gift except for if the girl is a teenager. Teen pregnancy is not a sociable acceptance and the girls get criticized for it, when yet it takes two to make one. If teens did not have a sex education class they might not even have a clue on how easy it could be to become pregnant. As of 2015 results teen pregnancy rates are at an overall low for the united states, but still higher than western industrialized nations. (“Reproductive Health: Teen Pregnancy.”) The education course goes over huge risks that teens may not even know are out there. The STD rate is growing rapidly and if it hits a teenage generation things could spiral out of control. In the years 2015- 2016 syphilis rates went up 18 percent overall and 36 percent for just woman. (“CDC Newsroom.”) Health courses even begin to explain how a health relationship should look. Standards have been lowered and it is up to the health education teachers to provide us with good information on what students should expect from their other half. Even having a healthy relationship with yourself
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