Persuasive Essay About Small Animals

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Small black forms scramble when you open the doors to the barn scattering into holes in the walls to escape the harsh light they are unaccustomed to. If you get the chance to see one its small beady red eyes glare up at you and its sharp yellow teeth scream filth. Disease is a common notation when used with them. They’ve even become the face of a worldwide epidemic back in the Middle ages. Rats. Disgusting, evil, mean, and dirty little beings that make messes and are too stupid to escape the trap of a life of fear. In every child’s tale or movie rats are usually portrayed as antagonists or vile creatures. Up until my sophomore year I would have had to agree. However, they also are the reason that I do not judge anything before I’ve looked…show more content…
Her sister didn’t quite have the same spirit but she tried to keep up with her abundance of playfulness. Duchess preferred to be cuddled in your lap for safety and warmth while Darling would adventure about the floor. They each were different individually, Darling was black and white spotted while Duchess was a cream-colored rat. Darling was so curious and always wanted to explore and try new things, Duchess on the other hand was content with the way things were and liked just to sit safely in one spot. Why are these small precious creatures labeled as hideous, vile demons? They are like any other animal, but they are so different as well. My horse would scare at a plastic bag in the wind, Darling would climb into the bag and play under its cover. My cat ignores me when I enter the house but both Darling and Duchess would run and cling to the edge of their cage begging for attention as soon as I entered my room. WE cannot stereotype an entire species because of the way that one individually acts. There are horses that will play with plastic bags and there are also rats that enjoy being left alone out of the human reach. Owning a rat is an experience that I am grateful I had, everyone who I told I owned a rat would give this disgusted face and I felt I needed to show them the real thing. One day I grew tired of the noises that my friends made when I stated that I owned rats so invited them to meet Darling. Hannah, a girl

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