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How different are our Thanksgivings? How many people do you know that do things differently than you for Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is a time where you get your whole family together and spend time with each other. During your time together, you reminisce about hilariously weird memories and laugh at all of the amazingly fun times you guys have had together. Also, you feast and make more memories that you will have with you forever! When you are with whoever’s house you go to, you get to be you and not worry about what anyone thinks because you know your family loves you the way you are.
Writing this essay could make you have an open mind about others and how different we celebrate our holiday. Most of my peers and I eat the same thing.
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My favorite thing to do during Thanksgiving or any holiday for that matter, is talking about my great grandma because I never met her and don’t know what she is like. Although I don’t know who she is, my mother always says that “there never was a dull moment with grandma”. Going outside is something my family never does because it’s too cold outside, and the only reason for leaving the house is needing something out if the car. While we stay inside, my peer’s family goes outside and roughhouse when playing football or basketball. If it’s snowing, some go outside and build a snowman or just play in the snow and have a snowball fight. My family definitely doesn’t go outside when snowing. Traditions of going outside with family is other families traditions, but not mine. Going to a certain place is tradition, my family always goes to my grandparent’s house because it feels like home to all of us. Some go to their immediate family's house, so maybe an older sibling or they stay with their parents. Maybe you have not seen anyone for a long time and you go there or it’s tradition for the adults in your family to switch up whose house you go to. Another reason of going somewhere is because you have not seen them in a while or because they have the biggest house to fit all your family and the dishes in the kitchen and dining room. Maybe you have been going there for you

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