Persuasive Essay About Vegas Hockey

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Las Vegas is spending tons of money to build an arena. The plan is for the venue to host numerous events including Hockey. People in the sports world have overhyped it. Personally I could care less about the Vegas team. I disagree with the people who support the club. The NHL is a complete joke. Vegas is and always will be sin city. Local fans won't support hockey and the team will struggle. Here are three more reasons why you shouldn't care; about Vegas hockey. 3.The ownership cares more about real estate and entertainment. The maloofs and *name of owner* can spend hours promoting Vegas hockey. However their completely wrong. The arena wasn't built with Hockey in mind. The ultimate owner built it for various different reasons. Professional…show more content…
Profitable Border battles will be the main focus. Everyone loves a good rivalry. Critics consistently claim Vegas hockey; will become a tourist trap. They're 100 right. Major sports networks will defiantly embrace the mentality. They have no incentive not to show rivalry games. The NHL doesn't about; how talented the Vegas team is. They just want to profit from it's natural rivals. Sports media outlets; have no incentives not to show rivalry games. If the Kings or Coyotes aren't playing why show it. People don't pay to watch the UFC because it's in Vegas. They pay to watch top fights. The Vegas NHL team will get the same treatment. 1. Hockey teams are unstable. The NHL has experienced ups and down. Ultimately teams are a risky investments. NBA teams are often referred to as Billionaire toys. If that's the case NHL teams are; millionaires toys. Hockey teams require large sums of money. But they don't always make money and their seasonal. Vegas hockey is a total joke. None traditional markets mainly struggle. A potential NHL Vegas expansion team isn't an investment. It's an investment opportunity for the venue owners. When they're not collecting their profits. They can sit in the owners box and watch Hockey. You shouldn't support a company run by none passionate
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